I am Shreyaa Patodia, a visual artist and writer who love to explore art and cultures.

“Art is freedom, it is a way of living. When you are involved in the process of creation you are free to express yourself without any judgment.”

– Shreyaa Patodia

Through my paintings, I explore Indian mythology and culture. My Indian roots have been a great inspiration for me. The characters and stories from mythology, epics, and scriptures told by my grandparents in my childhood always fascinated me. So, I decided to share those stories through art. In my paintings, one can find the depiction of Hindu gods and goddesses in a simplistic yet captivating manner. The use of a tint obtained by Black Japan in my mythological paintings gives them a surreal antique visual effect.


Apart from that my works are inspired by my travel experiences and the people I met during those trips. During my travels, I experience life in different ways. I explore new places, traditions, and ways of living. It enables me to learn and live different cultures and gives me a chance to be a small part of someone else’s story as well. Every place I visit leaves an impression on my memory. Something that belongs to me only. Every city has a story to tell, and during my journeys, I try to gather those stories and capture the essence of the place and depict that in paintings.

I work mainly in mixed media and experiment with different mediums creating various textures and patterns in painting. The usage of textures along with a variety of mediums like Black Japan and Mineral Colors is the signature style that attracts. My process of painting includes the creation of many layers in a single artwork.